Why We Share

There are so many experiences to be had. We glance at our phones and see people skiing. We turn on the TV and watch people playing the newest games. We see people inventing new ways for you to interact with the world, and community around you.

But can we bring these experiences to more people, in new ways?

We can’t just buy everything, it would be too expensive. And the world isn’t trending in that direction anyway. We have ways to share cars, homes, and even designer dresses.

And the beautiful thing is, we love sharing! When you want to borrow a speaker, or a set of chairs for a bit, what is the first thing you do? You ask your neighbor, your friends, or your relative who just happens to have everything. And if that doesn’t work out, you bite the bullet, and hop on Amazon to buy it.

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But that first step is what Troav is about. We want to take that idea of sharing and make it bigger and better. It may look like we are sharing physical products, like interesting microphones or a musical instrument. But the reason we’re doing this it to share and distribute the memories. The experiences.

And why not? Why can’t we share experiences? Share things like the experience of playing Catan with your friends for the first time. The experience of watching a robot vacuum cleaner finally sweep the room- something you’ve been postponing for a few months now. The experience of going outside on an inflatable kayak and setting sail with your friends, all at a moments notice on a nice day.

Nowadays, we see products go through one path. Buy it, use it, trash it. Sharing takes away the last step, and keeps our items cycling around, to the next person who may need it. Reducing waste is one of the reasons we love sharing, and will be discussed deeply in our next blog.

When you are looking at a product we don’t want you to ever think, “is this really worth it”. With our subscription model, exploration is free. On any free evening, check out Troav, to see how you can spend your time in a new way today.

We share because we want to bring the world closer. We want you to live your life to the fullest, and enjoy every second of it in any possible way.

We want you to do more.



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