Let’s Do More.

Our modern life is full of stuff. Phone, games, furniture, fashion, decs…it’s chock full of it and we want it.

But most of the time it’s just not worth it to outright buy everything that catches our eye. So we have to suck it up, forego our desires, and trudge on with maybe a hint of regret.

And at the end of the day, we still want it.

That’s where Troav comes in. Our mission is to help you satisfy your curiosity and empower you do more. With Troav, you can check out that gadget or dress you’ve always wanted and enjoy it right away without having to marry it. Maybe it didn’t turn out to be what you wanted…maybe you just wanted to try it and now you’re done. No problem, you haven’t paid anything more than membership, and we’ll soon whisk it back to make others’ dreams come true. But maybe you’ve fallen in love. Now that you’ve tried it, you want to have it for yourself. With Troav Treasury, you can quickly find out how to get one of those things you wanted to own for yourself right from the app.

If you think about it, we’re kinda doing something special: we’re changing the relationship to the things we own. Because maybe the point isn’t to own whatever it is that we want, but rather to have and use that which we want. If we’re right, then that’s money saved from splurging on stuff that ends up collecting dust and time saved from working up to buy it. Saved for the moments that matter most.

From all of us at Troav: We hope you’ll join us, so that you, your friends, and family can do more.